JMC Regulations

  • JMC has formulated certain rules and regulations that must be strictly followed by JMC students admitted in MBBS programme.
  • Student fees fixed by JMC for MBBS programme for the particluar academic session must be paid ate time of enrollment. Name will not be registered if not been able to pay fees. Paymnt of fees during each time schedule must be done on the date notified by JMC failing which the enrollment of such student into respective phases will be prevented.
  • Transportation charge/accomodation charge, every day food, medical charge, library and internet charge, personal expenditures have not been included in the fees structure of JMC.
  • JMC students are not be permitted to be engaged directly or indirectly in political activities inside or outside of JMC premises.
  • JMC students are not permitted to fomr a student union/organization of any kind inside or outside JMC premises and be involved in forming student union in JMC
  • In order to achieve the goal to produce competent, well disciplined medical graduates by providing them quality education, the JMC does not permit any student to participate in strikes or disrupt normal activities of the institution or make fun of teachers and other staffs.